Being Human and The Foundation

I support Being Human and The Foundation – DO YOU??

 To start off, my hats way off to both Salman Khan and Rahul Bose for using their star status to do something for the greater good of others rather than just themselves.  Both of these men are doing a lot of fantastic work to take India to another level. 

 Rahul’s organization, THE FOUNDATION (  is currently working on two initiatives – PROJECT REACH and PROJECT HEAL

REACH is an educational initiative that provides full scholarships for students from areas that are infrastructurally disadvantaged due to geography or history to the most appropriate schools of the highest standard. Emotional resilience, ability to adapt, special skill sets, sports, cultural abilities and academics are factors weighted equally in the selection process.

HEAL creates a dialogue with parents and teachers to address the myths surrounding sexual abuse and also to help them deal with any situation of abuse faced by children. For a child, parents and teachers are the two sets of adults whom he/she can trust and seek support from. Thus it places an immense responsibility in their hands of protecting them.

If either of these projects appeals to you and you want to help, you can help by either donating funds which they are always in needs of OR you can help by volunteering your time and skill sets.

Please go to if you want to donate and

Please go to if you want to volunteer


Let’s show our support and help show our support to those who have taken the initiative to make a difference and make life better for those around them! 


Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation ( aims to save lives through healthcare initiatives and education.

The Foundation has partnered with Marrow Donor Registry India (MDRI) to create a world -class registry of marrow donors in India for patients who have blood-related illnesses like leukemia, thalessemia, aplastic anemia and congenital immunodeficiency states.

MDRI was set up in 2008 as an NGO at the Tata Memorial Centre with the sole purpose of creating a registry of committed, voluntary and unrelated donors for those patients requiring bone marrow transplantation and without an HLA- matched donor within their families. However, for the registry to be functional, more than one lakh donors need to be registered. People from the age group of 18-50 years are eligible for donor recruitment.

You can register yourself with MDRI at any of the following centres in Mumbai

1) S. L Raheja hospital Blood Bank, Mahim West. Tel: 56529683
2) Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 12. Tel: 65152695
3) Saifee Hospital, Charni Road. Tel: 67570111
4) Holy Family Hospital blood Bank, Bandra-50, Tel: 30610555
5) Breach Candy hospital Blood Bank, Bulabhai Desai road, Mum 26. Tel: 23633651
6) Holy Spirit Hospital Blood Bank Mahakali road, Andheri – East. Tel: 28378822
7) Fortis Hospital (Wockhardt) Mulund. Tel: 67994187
8 ) ESIS Hospital Blood Bank Andheri West. Tel: 28367203
9) Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital Blood Bank Powai. Tel: 25763300
10) ACTREC Blood Bank Khargar, Navi Mumbai. Tel : 27405073
11) Dr. Sunil Parekh’s Lab Opera House, opp Roxy cinema, Mumbai. Tel: 23649913

Being Human does not solicit donations from anyone, it was started by Salman’s money and to keep it going, there is a range of Being Human merchandise on the market.  Anytime you buy a shirt or a watch, please realize that by buying a fake, you are indirectly hurting the underprivileged.  If you are going to buy the merchandise ANYWAYS, why not buy the original and make a difference? 


Doubt either Salman or Rahul will ever read this blog but if they ever do, my commitment to both of you is that I am willing to help in any way that I *CAN*.  If you ever end up in DC, I’d be more than happy to host an art exhibition for you to support the organization.  Rahul, I know you are a Sports guy instead of an arts guy BUT, even a self-portrait sells very well (even if it just stick people Rahul 😀 ). 

Kudos to you both for all you do and may GOD bless you with happiness multi folds back compared to what you spread through your work and your foundation every day! 

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