Some ILLEGAL Questions

With the workforce being so diverse now, I thought I would post a list of some questions that are considered illegal due to the equal opportunity laws in the USA.  I realize some of these questions might not be so out of line and perfectly acceptable in some countries.  I am posting some such questions here so you don’t loose the right opportunity due to a question you didn’t know you couldn’t ask or be asked.

What political party are you affiliated with?
Are you a member of the local country club?
Do you go to church regularly?
Are you currently married? Are you divorced? What is your sexual orientation?
What are your outstanding debts?
What charities are you involved with?
Do you drink?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Do you have a girlfriend / boyfrend / Are you planning to have children?
Do you have a physical disability?
Do you have any health problems?
How old are you?
This is a Christian company. Do you think that you can be happy working here?
What does you father/mother do for a living?
What is your first language?
What is your IQ?
How much do you weigh?
What’s your religion?

Hope these help 🙂

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Checklist for interviewing!

So you are about to step in for an interview.  Are you well prepared?  Here is a checklist of a few things to run through before walking through that door because nothing takes away the right opportunity like being unprepared does.
(1) Can you exceed the position’s initial requirements?
(2) Are you ready to explain your past successes (have them memorized)?
(3) Do you know the company’s culture? Does your image, traits, personality fit in?
(4) What can you tell the recruiter that would boost their bottom line?
(5) Have you done your homework on the company? It’s past sales, top products, industry outlook, strategy, goals.
(6) Remember to be confident and maintain your composure.

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