Tips for Networking!

Networking can be intimidating for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you improve your networking skills:1. Volunteer: Volunteering can open you to a wide range of people with backgrounds and experiences you might never encounter otherwise.

2. Explore new activities: if your workplace or neighborhood is mostly filled with people just like you, try stepping outside of your comfort zone on your free hours.

3. Go places alone: If you attend a conference, business luncheon or even an art show on the weekend with a friend, the tendency is to talk to the person you arrived with. Arriving alone encourages you to work the room and meet more people.

4. Show a genuine interest in others: Ask questions and listen.

5. Invite people to meetings: When appropriate, consider inviting someone outside your usual circle to attend a conference or meeting with you.

6. Hold weekly meetings: Commit to asking someone new out to lunch every week (or month, depending on your schedule). It could be someone from your office, another department, a client’s office or someone you met outside work.

7. Smile: This last tip is the easiest one to follow and the one that will most likely bring you the best results.

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