#SAW – Shootout at Wadala


Shootout at Wadala is a saga about the rise and fall of dreaded Mumbai gangster Manya Surve (John Abraham) in the 1970s, and his death in 1982 in what is supposedly the first police encounter.

Based on a chapter in S Hussain Zaidi’s book ‘From Dongri To Dubai’, the movie has director Sanjay Gupta written all over it.  Anyone familiar with this director’s work such as Kaante, Zinda etc, will recognize it as having his stamp all over it!  Gupta is a director for the masses and SAW is no different.  Full of seeti-maar dialogues, item songs with sexy girls, sex and violence show traces of  Terentino’s fan in the film.  

The story is rooted in Manya Surve’s journey from an innocent, bright college student to one of the city’s most powerful mafia dons.  It follows Manohar – a boy is framed by the cops who befriends Munir (Tusshar Kapoor), in prison, and escapes a hardened criminal. Manya decides to stand up to the Haksar dons, brothers Zubair (Manoj Bajpai) and Dilawar (Sonu Sood), and form his own gang. Meanwhile, the cops, led by the dedicated Aafaque Bagraan (Anil Kapoor) and his team (Ronit Roy and Mahesh Manjrekar), try to contain the gang wars by pitting one against the other. Manya’s biggest weakness is his college sweetheart, Vidya (Kangna Ranaut), who does not approve of his work but can’t give him up or walk away from him.


The things I liked about the movie :

1.  Dialogues, dialogues, dialogues!  – Take a bow Milap Zaveri, you have emerged as the true hero of the film!  

2.  John Abraham – John pours his heart and soul in what is the role of a lifetime in his career thus far.  It’s hard to ignore the effort he has put into becoming Manya.  As endearing as he is as Manohar, he is just as likeable as Manya.  

3.  Slick camera work that is Gupta’s trademark and the direction which takes us into Gupta’s vision flawlessly!  

4. Manoj Bajpai – What dialogue delivery, what conviction!  Not once can you picture Zubair being played by anyone else … Bajpai is as usual, actor par excellence and the best in the movie after the dialogues! 

5.  Sonu Sood – who’d have thought that Chedi Singh from Dabang can also flawlessly portray Dilawar.  Sood has shown tremendous control and restrain and plays the perfect part of Zubair’s little brother.  BRAVO!! 

6.  Costumes – The actors all wear the retro look fittingly right down to the retro glasses worn by John.  The costume designer has done an AMAZING job! 


Things I did NOT like about the movie :

1.  Kangana Ranaut – her character is quite comic to put it as politely as possible.  Even with a weak character, there is nothing in her acting that makes you take notice of her.  The role could’ve been played by anyone and there would be no difference.  

2. Babli Badmash – this song is just a mashup of a long list of what’s wrong with it.  The choreography, it looked SO odd!! Priyanka Chopra, what a misfit!! Neither her, nor her costume looked anything like an item girl.  More importantly, this song was the only song in the movie which felt shoved in there.  

3.  Sunny Leone – as much as I liked the song “Laila” the only thing that didn’t fit there was Leone.  There are parts of the song where it is clear that she is purposely moving her lehenga just to showcase her legs and that makes it very evident that it’s the forced masala that is being shoved down our throat in the name of choreography.  

4.  The glorification of Manya Surve – as important as it was for us to understand the journey of Manohar to Manya, was it really necessary to glorify him?  What kind of message does that send to society?  


Track I enjoyed the most :


Sophie sizzles in this track and manages to look total item song worthy without looking vulgar or cheap.  The track is one that can easily get stuck in your head and one finds themselves leaving the theater humming this song!


Beautiful – soothing – lovely! 


All in all, if you are looking for an entertainer for the masses, go watch it!  A point worth noting though, it is an Adult certified movie due to the violence, language and the sex scenes so please do NOT take your kids along and, if you’re like me, you might not want to watch it with your parents either. 🙂 

Whether this movie will be a super-duper 100cr club hit or not is yet to be seen but, one thing is for certain – all the awards for best dialogue belong to Milap Zaveri next year.  

If you aren’t following him on Twitter yet, do so now instead of waiting until he wins all the awards next year – his twitter handle is @zmilap

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Safe Haven

Safe Haven

The Notebook is one of my favorite movies of all time!  In fact, all of Nicholas Sparks movies/books are a favorite for a hopeless romantic like me.  When I heard that he was coming out with a new movie called Safe Haven, I was very excited about it! 

I got lucky in a contest from Co.Co Sala and ended up winning tickets to the screening of the movie one week before its release.  Being the fan that I am, how could I refuse the offer so, of course I went with Manish. 

The movie started and as it progressed, I kept wishing for it to get better.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good movie, a good thriller but, I kept wishing for what I like in a Nicholas Sparks movie – More Real Romance.  As the movie progressed, I was upset that Safe Haven was turning out to be more of a thriller than a romance but, the movie ended and all I can say is I was shocked – in a good way! 

It already had the romance all along and I was so wrapped up in the thriller that I did not even notice it.


Things I like about this movie :

1. The cast – everyone has done a great job in the movie but especially the kids!

2. It’s the kind of romance that makes you think at the end – specially since the kind of love does not exist anymore.

3. The rogue cop – David Lyons has played this role to the tee! 

4. The movie depicts both the sweet as well as the dangerous side of love. 

Things I didn’t like about this movie :

1. Nicholas Sparks’s romantic spark was missing a bit in the movie.

2. The movie seemed long and predictable at times so the editing could have been sharper.


All in all, it’s a good movie and definitely worth a watch.  Could you wait until it comes out on DVD? Absolutely!  No need to rush to watch this at the theater but, definitely grab the one you love, a box of tissues and some popcorn to watch this one on your couch! 

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ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)

ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)

As Anji is passionate about dance and everyone in my house enjoys dance, it was a given that we would go and watch ABCD.  It had my favorite Dharmesh & Salman along with India’s best dancer Prabhu Deva – how could we miss it?
Going into the movie, I had expectations of not enjoying the movie for anything else but the dances.  What surprised me though was Remo!  As horrible as his movie “Faaltu” was, this movie was just as nice.  By the time you came out of the movie, you felt GOOD!  But then again, who doesn’t root for the team that has EVERYTHING going against them?  It’s a movie that every body who has ever had a dream or been passionate about, can relate to. 
What Remo did well in this movie, was sticking to what he knows best – dance! 
The things I liked about the movie :
1. Prabhu Deva as a dancer, Prabhu Deva – period! (He’s not a great actor but what he can’t do with expressions, he still has a great way of conveying through his dance and his body language.)
2. The dancing!  The choreography! (Remo is a much better choreographer than I had given him credit for.)
3. The songs! (Especially Bezubaan – totally heart-wrenching!!)
4. Kay Kay Menon! (He’s a great actor anyways and he was equally good in this movie playing a manipulative villain.)
5. Dharmesh, Salman, Ganesh Acharya (What a treat to get to watch these powerhouses along with Prabhu Deva, all in one movie.)
6.  Surprise packet of the movie – Puneet!! (Not only can he dance, he can ACT!!! He emoted do beautifully in the movie that he left me spell bound with his performance.  Oh and for the girls, he’s definitely giving the eye-candy, Salman, a run for his money there too! 🙂 )
Things I did NOT like about the movie :
1.  Lauren Gottlieb is a talented, semi-good looking dancer.  I get that Remo wanted her as one of the leads in the movie but, what was the need to make her be a “desi” girl in the movie?  The movie already has some videshi talent, she could’ve been one of them.  
2.  The editing in the second half could have been tighter. 
3. Predictability – though you leave the theater having enjoyed the movie, you can predict what’s going to happen next with each scene. 
Scenes that stick out in my mind :
1. Vishnu vs. Jahangir showdown in the beginning – I’d love to give Kay Kay Menon a standing ovation for his performance. 
2. Chandu’s accident scene … the girl who plays Shania (not sure of her name) was fantastic!
3. Dharmesh and his father’s interaction following the song Bezubaan.  I’d like to give my Dharmesh sir a big hug and a huge round of applause! 
My favorite Tracks :
But, MOST of all – I am currently OBSESSED with :
All in all, if you enjoy dancing and have ever had a dream, go watch ABCD and come out feeling motivated and inspired!!
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The Dirty Picture – Vidya Balan owns it!!

The Dirty Picture

Ever since I saw the promos of The Dirty Picture, I was keen on watching the movie.  I was skeptical about Vidya Balan playing that type of a role and carrying it off flawlessly and can I just say that BOY was I SHOCKED!!!!

Not only did Vidya carry it off flawlessly, she OWNED it!  She took on her character so briliantly that on screen Vidya totally disappeared and all the audience saw was SILK.  Never in a million years had I imagined she would be so comfortable in her own skin, with the display of the sex, sexiness, sexuality along with her one size too tight clothes. 

In the male dominated world (a message that you get in the movie as well), it is Vidya/SILK who truly emerges as the hero of the movie and everyone else just becomes a backdrop for SILK to unfold and let us into her life. 

So without giving away everything about the movie, here is my opinion on some things about the movie ….

Things I like about the movie :

1. Vidya Balan, Vidya Balan and VIDYA BALAN!!!  (before this movie I had thought Priyanka Chopra had done the bravest performance by far in 7 Khoon Maaf but in The Dirty Picture, Vidya blows her out of the water!  Would not be surprised if she wins all and every award for this movie!!)

2.  The dialogues – take a bow Rajat Arora (though the story did have some holes – the second half seemed to be rushed whereas the first half was beautifully built up) 

3. The direction – take a bow Milan Luthria (after once upon a time in mumbai, he has proved himself again however, he did seem to falter in the scene SILK wasn’t present and did the best of his work with her)

4.  The way the story unfolds and gives us an entry into SILK’s life! (though the end felt abrupt and kind of rushed)

5.  The transformation of Reshma into SILK

The things I did not like about the movie :

1. The costumes – they seemed post the 80s when the movie was supposedly set

2. The unnecessary melodrama in the 2nd half of the movie

3. Anju Mahendru being wasted – she is such a fantastic actress but I feel she was slapped with a very cliched role of a journalist.

4. The placement of my favorite track “Ishq Sufiyaana” – it should have been the ending credits as it cuts into the build up of the movie unnecessarily. 

Nothing else much that I can say I disliked about the movie. 

I feel like I need to watch this movie once again to fully understand Silk’s character and psyche.  The scene where she reacts to Naseeruddin’s comment to her when he’s handing her the award made me feel that the Silk I understood wouldn’t have reacted in that manner.  The end left me wondering why exactly someone like SILK dressed like a bride before killing herself … was it because she finally really fell in love because as she said “Haath to bohot logon ne lagaya hai lekin chuaa kisi ne nahin hai” … makes me wonder if what she wanted was to marry Abraham but felt like she couldn’t?  I was left wondering if that feeling was awakened when she was forced to hide in the bathroom as Naseerudin’s wife comes to the farmhouse at night and was left there until the early morning to tiptoe out while they are asleep … (BTW awesomely portrayed by Vidya … very poignant)

Anyways, if I talk anymore, I’ll give away everything about the movie but while ending, I will leave you with some of the dialogues in the movie that stuck with me and if you haven’t please do take the time to watch THE DIRTY PICTURE for nothing and no one else but VIDYA brave BALAN!!

Some of my favorite dialogues :

1. Filmein sirf 3 cheezon se chalti hai – entertainment, entertainment, entertainment aur main – entertainment hoon!
2. History utha kar dekh lo 2 cheezein hamesha common rahi hai – mardon ka zamaana raha hai auraton ne aake aafat ki hai!
3. “Aaj se tera naam silk”
      Aur tumhaar naam Keeda Das – keeda hi to hai jo silk banaata hai
4. Hero koi bhi ho, har kahaani ki VAMP main hi hoon
5. Jab sharafat ke kapde utartey hain tab shareefon ko sabse zyada mazaa aata hai – Jab shareefon Ki sharafat utarti hai to mujhe bada mazaa aata hai
6. Mujhe mere maa baap ne nahin paida kiya – Silk ko camera ne janam diya hai (this one might be a bit off as I saw it on Friday night … )
7. Kuch logon ka naam unke kaam se hota hai – Mera badnaam ho ke hua hai
8. Heroine ki zindagi is like an elected govt – 5 saal tak party, uske baad support
9. Ye ladki aise hi aag lagaeigi (HOW APT IS THIS FOR VIDYA IN THIS MOVIE!!!!)
10. Woh item number ki guitar thi – main sufi gaane ka ek taara
11. Silk bani hi mazaa dene ke liye hai
12. Tere chaahne waale na saamne ke 4 rows me baithte hai – peeche ki 40 rows meri hai
13. Public samaan dekhti hai dukaan nahi
14. Aurat rainbow ki tarah hoti hai – kisi ko lagti hai lottery ki tarah lag gayi to kismat khul jaati hai – kisi ko hoti hai mohobat ki tarah ho gayi to jaan atak jaati hai – mujhe to chadhi zeher ki tarah ki ab paani bhi peeta hoon na to aag lag jaati hai
15. Mujhe jo chaiye uska mazaa raat ko hi aata hai (watch Vidya in this scene – she pulls it off without looking vulgar at ALL!!)


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Dil ki GUZAARISH ab jab phir se samjhe pyaar ka matlab …

Dil ki GUZAARISH ab jab phir se samjhe pyaar ka matlab

(Watched Guzaarish on November 20 but posted this on Facebook … decided to post this here now as I’m trying to do more with my blog.  Enjoy! 🙂 )


 Ethanasia ….

 Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile…….. 

So I watched Guzaarish yesterday … walked in with a lot of expectations as Hrithik is one of the finest actors and has a way of really getting into the skin of the character he is playing and Sanjay Leela Bhansali is truly a magician right from Khamoshi to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam to Black to now Guzaarish.  I had my reservations about Aishwarya because as everyone knows, she irritates me to my core.  

**Disclaimer : This is NOT a review of the movie, it is MINE and ONLY MY opinion and thoughts.  I don’t intend on hurting anyone nor am I looking for anyone’s acceptance of my thoughts and feelings. 

Let’s talk about the things I did not like about the movie –

  1. The dialogues given to Hrithik … they did not show his inner struggle and suffering.  I get that he was living life to the fullest and was making the best of his situation however, most of the lines were expected and cheesy.
  2. Aishwayra’s look … yes she looked nice no doubt however, she did not look anything like a nurse and by that I don’t mean her looks but her in entirety, her demeanor, her clothes, her mannerisms, all of it.
  3. A mish mash of two parallel stories … I wish Bhansali had invested more time in letting Euthanasia be the forefront of his story instead of letting that story become just the back drop. 
  4. The setting … wish it was more realistic like Khamoshi … both stories were set in GOA but Khamoshi you could actually identify with as real and Goa whereas Guzaarish you couldn’t. 

Now onto what I did like about the movie –

  1. Hrithik, Hrithik, Hrithik … he continues to prove he is one of the FINEST actors around.  The way he gets into the skin of Ethan’s character is truly amazing and for the 2 hours and 15 minutes you are watching the movie, you forget he’s Hrithik and only see Ethan.   His eyes speak volumes!! The pain and suffering that his cheesy lines couldn’t portray, his eyes, his body language, his tears, his smiles did very well!
  2. The subject (though I wish it was the main focus thoughout) … have to hand it to SLB for picking a subject as personal and touchy as Euthanasia … Mercy killing is not an easy topic to pick or show but it is an important topic to talk about.  There are tons of people who are suffering and have this thought cross their mind everyday.  It is important to give them a voice regardless of how you feel about it. 
  3. The songs – the lyrics – the picturization … all of it was very apt and beautiful (though the music itself was a bit of a let down .. but then again it’s SLB’s first try at being a music director so he gets a pass from me)
  4. The cinematography … each frame was larger than life and so so so beautiful. 
  5. The editing … well minus one part in the movie where 5 minutes could have been shaved off but then again considering SLB did cut his own movie down to 2 hours and 15 minutes (which is very unlike him)
  6. Cast selection … (well maybe not so much for Aishwarya, I would have loved to see Sushmita in this role) the actor who played Omar and most importantly the actress who played Devyani, Ethan’s friend and lawyer.  My hats off to you both, you were fantastic!!
  7. The direction … everything Sawaryiya lacked, he made up for in this movie (once again GOD i wish Hrithik had better lines in the movie :'(  – yes I understand that’s not under direction but still … )
  8. The fact that it made me understand love and rediscover the meaning of love all over again. 

Some scenes that stick out in my mind …  

  1. The scene where the fly keeps sitting on Ethan’s nose and he keeps trying to shoo it away until he makes peace with it and let’s the fly co-exist.
  2. The scene where Ethan is teasing Sophia about her touch and how it arouses him and Sophia responds with moans of her own to answer him and shut him up.
  3. The scene where Ethan is headed to court and how happy he is until he looks around and sees the simple things people he’s passing by are doing which he can never do and his eyes become moist due to it.
  4. The most heart wrenching scene for me was where Ethan is fighting with the rain all night.
  5. The scene where Ethan says the only thing he has which means the most to him and he’s passing it on is his name. 

 What this movie means to me …

 Well basically made me realize a new definition of love first of all.  It made me rediscover how much love is about understanding and about respect.  Sure there are arguments, there are fights but love does not degrade the other person.  Love is not about wanting to be with someone physically or even having a name to the relationship you share with them.  Love is not about insecurities but expressing to each other what they mean to you in small gestures.  It has helped me decide that if I “love you” but you have no respect for me then no matter what you say, it’s not love and there is no “relationship”.  If there is no relationship, it’s okay to find happiness in other things that help you smile.  Ab jab pyaar ka ye naya matlab samajh mein aaya hai to dil ki bas yehi GUZAARISH hai ki ek mauka mile khul ke “pyaar” karne ka. 

Now on the Euthanasia part – my naanaji when he was sick and in the ICU had sunk, the doctor’s at that point had told us that even if they were to try to revive him, he would be kept on the ventilator to help breathe for however many hours he would make it for.  Thankfully, the suffering was very short lived as we as a family decided we did not want to do that to him as we knew if given a choice, he would never pick that for himself.  Sure we wanted him around for as long as possible and would have loved to have him be with us but we also understood the suffering.  I can only imagine how hard it would be to see someone you love suffer each day in and out.  I also understand how hard it is to take the decision to support to end their suffering.  You never want to loose or help anyone end their life especially when they mean the world to you.  I just pray that I never have to be put in the spot of having to make that decision for anyone I love ever in my life, it would be too much to handle and a heart breaking decision as well.  I do make a plea however that if I ever end up in that situation, I hope my loved ones understand that I would rather end it in a shot than to suffer for 12 long years day in and day out.  I would hope they would stand by my decision and respect & understand it. 

So I’m rambling again and it’s not making sense so I think i’ll stop here but, if you haven’t watched Guzaarish, do take the time out and go watch it if you can regardless of what your stand is on Euthanasia. 

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Zindagi Milegi Na Doobara

Zindagi Milegi Na Doobara

Watched Zindagi Milegi Na Doobara last night.  Haven’t enjoyed a Bollywood movie as much as I enjoyed this one in a very long time! 

Someone mentioned, “everything about this movie was so wonderful, it would have been a 10/10 for you right Prerna if Salman was in it”  and I to my surprise quickly found myself saying “actually no, he wouldn’t fit in any of the roles in the movie and would have ruined it, i’m glad he wasn’t in it.”  (SEE ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK I’M BLINDLY BIASED IN MY LOVE FOR SALMAN!!! :-P)  And I meant it, the actors fit their characters to the TEE and I can’t think of anyone else playing these roles. 

Things I loved about the movie :

1. Farhan Akhtar – what a talented actor.  This guy is class!  His dialogue delivery, his expressions, his body language, EVERYTHING about him was top class!!

2. Abhay Deol – I’m still shocked this actor hasn’t gotten his due recognition in the industry.  I mean WHAT A BRILLIANT actor! Absolutely fantastic!!

3. Hrithik Roshan – Hrithik is amazing in everything he does, whatever character he plays (though I thought Farhan and Abhay definietly overshadowed him, in terms of performance in this movie) and what an poetic dancer!!

4. The cinematography

5. The locations

6. The dialogues, the songs and MOST importantly, Javed Akhtar’s beautiful poetry – recited even more beautifully by Farhan.

7. The message – seize the day, let go of your fears, have no regrets, ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOOBARA!!

8.  Successfully made first true BROMANCE of Bollywood!!

9. The bwoys the had me the goings MANTAL!!

10. The biggest hero of all in this movie – the script and the direction!

I just wish I had more of my friends to watch it with but hopefully, I will get to do a road trip with my friends soon thanks to the inspiration of ZNMD (perhaps even Spain to recreate the triangle travelled by Imran, Kabir & Arjun). 

If you haven’t watched it, grab a bunch of your friends and go see it!! If you did watch it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Chalte Chalte, i want to leave you with Imran’s poetry … one of the ones that really touched me …

Pighlay neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan
Neeli neeli si khamoshiyaan
Na kahin hai zameen
Na kahin aasmaan
Sarsaraati huyi tehniyaan, pattiyaan
Keh rahi hain ki bas ek tum ho yahaan
Sirf main hoon meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein
Aisi gehraiyaan
Aisi tanhaiyaan
Aur main sirf main
Apne honay pe mujhko yaqeen aa gaya

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