LinkedIn Endorsements!

Back in September, LinkedIn rolled out what they called Endorsements.  I was unaware of what endorsements were until one morning I woke up and checked my email where someone had endorsed me.  At first, I thought it was just that someone had written a recommendation for me but, when I logged on, I learned what Endorsements really were – in a nutshell, it’s like clicking like on Facebook, for what your skills are. 

Initially I was very excited about the Endorsements feature because it was a great way for those who are busy to write a recommendation, to still “recommend” what you know and are good at but, in about a week, to put it bluntly, it became an irritating nuisance. I started getting notifications from people I barely knew endorsing me.

As a recruiter, I spend more time on LinkedIn than your average LinkedIn user.  I use LinkedIn heavily as a networking and recruiting tool and one of the things I look at anyone’s profile is their recommendation.  It tells me that if someone took the time to actually write a well thought-out recommendation, they must think very highly of this person.  That to me is valuable!  The problem with endorsing people ended up becoming just a big exchange system.  Many people are endorsing me in hopes that I’ll endorse them back and they are very clear about it because they will flat out ask for it. 

One of the reasons I don’t like the endorsements much is that, if someone is on a job hunt, they’ll try to rack up as many Endorsements as they can.  Therefore, I’ve started to look past the Endorsements in my decisions on if I am going to reach out to someone or not. 

As LinkedIn puts it, “There’s no rule that you have to endorse someone who’s endorsed you.” This is true because I do not endorse anyone unless I can truly speak to their work, but it seems like the polite thing to do.  

This leaves you with one question – whether to endorse someone because etiquette demands it or endorse only because you can vouch for it.

Where do you stand on this?  Do you endorse?  Have you endorsed those you don’t really know? 

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